Month: June 2020


Make technology work for you

Are you a new technology pioneer, or a proud ‘technophobe’? Wherever you sit on the digital spectrum, the transformative power of technology is undeniable. What’s important is how you harness it.

From energy to communications, cars to apps and beyond, there are a myriad of ways that technology can help you simplify your life, save money and lessen your impact on the environment.

But while it can be easy to get swept up in the latest fad, it’s important to be able to identify the truly game-changing offerings for personal use and for investment potential.

Whether you want to keep track of your income and expenses through good budgeting software or are thinking about investing in household technology to help you if you’ve started working from home for the first time – doing your research can help you both spend and save safely and wisely.

Read on for information on technology solutions you can consider.

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HomeBuilder provides eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home. HomeBuilder will assist the residential construction market by encouraging the commencement of new home builds and renovations.
You will be able to apply for HomeBuilder when the relevant State or Territory Government that you live in, or plan to live in, signs the National Partnership Agreement with the Commonwealth Government.
Information on when and how you will be able to apply will become available through the relevant State or Territory revenue office in due course.

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The Coronavirus implications for property markets

Many Australians view housing as an attractive investment seeing it is as a more stable option
than other alternatives. Property investors have achieved strong capital gains as falling interest rates, preferential tax treatment and high immigration levels have supported house prices.

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