Month: June 2022


Smart Super Strategies

Want to help boost
your retirement savings
while potentially saving
on tax? Here are five
smart super strategies
to consider before the
end of the financial year

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Market Update – June 2022

The volatility that we’ve seen over the last six months, while significant, is not an unusual occurrence for a normal and healthy functioning market. Despite the recent heightened volatility being an uncomfortable experience in the short- term, equity markets and some parts of the bond markets will continue to be an important contributor to overall long-term returns.
We appreciate that the current environment looks concerning given falls in markets and likely further interest rate rises during 2022, with the possible risk of recession, however it is important to continue to stay invested and manage your portfolio in line with your long-term objectives, aligned to your risk tolerance. We would encourage investors to discuss their portfolio with their adviser to ensure that it meets their personal needs, objectives and is in line with their risk tolerance.

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