Understanding changes to Centrelink entitlements

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Are you concerned about your Social Security (and Department of Veterans’ Affairs) pensions and other income support benefits due to the Coronavirus situation? Recent changes in the value of your investments due to market movements may increase your social security entitlements, or you may become eligible for a benefit.

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Reduction in deeming rates

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A further reduction in deeming rates was announced on 22 March. The deeming rates will reduce as follows: The deeming thresholds are unchanged at $51,800 (single) and $86,200 (couple) which are generally indexed on 1 July each year. The rates will take effect from 1 May 2020, and any additional entitlement…

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Waiting periods and assets testing

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The ordinary one week waiting period that applies to some payments is waived when claiming because you’re impacted by COVID-19. The Liquid Assets Waiting Period (LAWP) is also waived if you’re entitled to the Coronavirus Supplement. If you’ve already applied for a payment and are currently serving a LAWP, you…

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New category of Crisis Payment

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Individuals claiming an income support payment may be eligible for a Crisis Payment under a proposed new category, if they are required to self-isolate at home due to the Coronavirus.At the time of claiming the Crisis Payment, a person must:▪ have made a claim and qualify for an income support…

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Applying for a new benefit – impacted by COVID-19

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Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a number of payments. You may have been stood down, made redundant, or have had your hours significantly reduced. It’s also possible that you’ve needed to stop working to care for someone.Also, if you’re unable to work, are in…

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Existing social security recipients -change in circumstances

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If you’re already receiving a particular benefit or payment and your circumstances change due to COVID-19, your benefit may remain unchanged. However, a change in circumstances that is not a result of COVID-19 will be assessed under the ordinary rules, and may impact your entitlement.All changes should be reported to…

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Coronavirus Supplement

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The Coronavirus supplement of $550 per fortnight will be paid to new and existing recipients of:• JobSeeker Payment• Youth Allowance (Jobseeker)• Parenting Payment• ABSTUDY• Austudy• Farm Household Allowance, and• Special Benefit. The supplement will be paid over the next six months and will be paid automatically with yourordinary fortnightly entitlement. It…

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Centrelink Payment Changes

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Information relating to some of the ceasing payments Sickness Allowance is an income support payment for individuals who are temporarily incapacitated for work or study and do not have adequate levels of income support. The individuals must be able resume their employment or return to their studies once they have recovered from their incapacity. Widow B Pension is a payment for a widow who did not get a Parenting Payment, has limited money and lost the financial support of their partner. No new claims of Widow B Pension have been granted since 20 March 1997. Wife Pension is an income support payment for female partners of people receiving an Age Pension or Disability Support Pension as of June 1995. No new claims of the Wife Pension have been granted from 1 July 1995. Bereavement Allowance provides short term financial assistance of up to 14 weeks for recent widows.

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Centrelink Update – Feb 2020

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Centrelink paymentsDue date for Centrelink customers to provide 1 July 2019 account balance extended to 21 February 2020  Department of Human Services (Centrelink) have advised that due to the delay in commencing the August 2019 customer-based reviews, they have made the decision not to issue a reminder letter for this…

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