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Financial Planning

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon: 5 household hacks to help you cut your bills

The start of any financial year is a great time to do an economic audit but, with cost-of-living pressures everywhere, this year it may even be crucial. One of the obvious ways to save money is to cut your ‘discretionary’ spend on life’s nicer things — and consumer sentiment and retail sales data suggest many Australians are.

But an easier, more appealing technique could be to sit down and assess the household expenses that you might consider ‘fixed’ costs. Here are the five household hacks that are usually most effective for economising.

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Goal Setting

Cashflow: Keeping top tips top of mind

We all like a good cost saving tip, even if it is something we already know, it never hurts to revisit some top tips and take a look at our current situation to see if there are savings to be made.

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