Centrelink Update – Feb 2020

Centrelink payments

Due date for Centrelink customers to provide 1 July 2019 account balance extended to 21 February 2020 

Department of Human Services (Centrelink) have advised that due to the delay in commencing the August 2019 customer-based reviews, they have made the decision not to issue a reminder letter for this period. 

These Centrelink customers now have until 21 February 2020 to complete their review online.  

Centrelink advised us that customers will not have their Centrelink payment stopped if the information is not returned by the original due date.

Generally, Centrelink will issue a reminder letter to their customer if information has not been provided within 28 days, however there was a delay in August. Centrelink has received a number of enquiries from advisers concerned their clients’ Centrelink payments will be stopped if the requests for the 1 July 2019 account balance is not provided by the due date. 

The decision not to issue a reminder letter or stop customers’ Centrelink payment only applies to the requests made under the customer-based review process for the August 2019 review period for account-based and market-linked income streams. General requests for information, ie a request for a Centrelink schedule, will still need to be provided by the due date listed on the letter.

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