Whether it’s travelling around Australia or overseas, having time to pursue your favourite hobbies or spending more time with your loved ones, how are you going to pay for it?

Start planning now

You need to start planning well before you make the decision to leave work. It’s important that you don’t leave your planning to the last minute because, without time on your side, your retirement options become much narrower.

How much do you need

So when it comes to retirement, how much is enough? Your answer to this question will be different to everyone else’s and is dependent on the sort of retirement lifestyle you aspire to.

The amount of money you have saved and how you arrange your finances will have a profound impact on the financial aspect of what your retirement looks like. Whilst any age pension entitlement may fund part of your living costs, your superannuation and non-superannuation investments will either need to supplement the difference or fully fund your retirement.

How we can help you

Regardless of how much you need, it’s important to start planning early to ensure you have enough to do the things you want in retirement. We can help you develop strategies that suit your circumstances and create the necessary wealth targets you require so you can live the retirement you want. 

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