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we offer a full range of advice services to help you create, manage and protect your wealth.

Your Wealth

We all want to create enough wealth to live our best possible future. The team at Arco will work with you to get your finances in order, model your ideal life and put a plan in place to achieve it.

Your Retirement

Whether your retirement is coming up or still a decade away, start optimising your position now so you can reach financial independence sooner.

Centrelink & Aged Care

The team at Arco are here to help you navigate Centrelink and Aged Care. Our accredited team will guide you through the possible options and assist in the process application.

Your family & legacy

At Arco, we take a holistic approach to family wealth planning, so you can provide a lasting legacy and preserve your wealth for future generations.

Experienced professionals trusted to deliver, enabling you to achieve your goals and simplify your life.

Advisory Team

Arco Advisory certified financial planners.

Robyn's photo

Robyn van Rooy

Executive Financial Planner

Robyn seeks to develop personal relationships with her clients so that she can assist them achieve both lifestyle and financial goals. 


Angelos Lysikatos

Executive Financial Planner

Angelos focusses on working with clients so they can understand their deep motivators, goals and aspirations.


Lachlan Mahon

Executive Financial Planner

Lachlan believes that the greatest part of our value lies in the intangibles. What drives our clients, what are their values and then overlaying how ‘the money’ interacts.


A comprehensive approach to your wealth

We provide a complete wealth advice offering, whatever your life stage or circumstances. Whether you’re saving for a specific goal, navigating a divorce, transitioning to retirement, or need advice to guide your financial decisions, our expert private wealth advisers can help.

Why Choose Arco Advisory

Our advisers and team members are among the most experienced wealth professionals in the industry, with outstanding records in client service and quality advice.

We go beyond your investments to help you achieve the financial goals and lifestyle you want. We are your sounding board when you have decisions to make, and we can do the number crunching to empower your decision-making.

Experienced Advisers

Arco Advisors are certified financial planners, and hold extend qualifications in wealth management, self management super funds, aged care and centrelink

Bespoke Solutions

Life can be complex but with advice from Arco, your financial life needn’t be. Our whole-of-life, goals-based approach focuses on wealth creation, helping you achieve financial freedom sooner. Our solutions are tailored to your life and circumstances.

Review Your Case

At Arco we pride ourselves on providing tailored wealth solutions taking into account up to date financial options. We start by listening to you and gaining a full understanding of your situation, goals and priorities. With these individual insights, our wealth adviser will coach you through every phase of your life, keeping you on track to help you achieve your goals sooner.

What Our Clients Say

Trusted by Australian families & businesses
Our adviser is pivotal in helping us plan ahead and make informed decisions An important aspect of our relationship with our adviser is their ability to act as a sounding board and take the emotion out of things to ensure we stay on plan.
Simone P
Arco Advisory client
Face to face service, and have always been given good advice regarding our financial investments, and great service.
Ray R
Arco Advisory client
We have a much clearer picture of our future goals, spending, and a greatly improved understanding of many aspects of finance, superannuation and investing.. I couldn’t be more satisfied, and only wish I had started earlier.
Suzy P
Arco Advisory client

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