How to save money

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When you hear the term ‘savings’ you probably think of the extra money you have in a bank account. But there’s so much more to savings than simply depositing more money into your accounts than you take out.

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The ins and outs of ethical investing

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With growing concerns about climate change and other environmental and social justice issues, more and more investors are opting for ethical investing. Discover some of the key terms you may come across as you explore the options so you can really understand how your money is making a positive difference.

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Where is your cash flow taking you?

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When you compare your current lifestyle, expenses and savings with what you’re planning for in retirement, does it all add up? Find out why it’s important to balance your cash flow now with the super savings you’re going to need in retirement.

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The financial impact of a furry friend

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There are over 29 million pets in Australia with approximately 61% of households owning one of these 29 million pets. Of that 61%, most are dog owners at 40%, followed by cat owners at 27%. In 2019, over 60% of dog and cat owners considered their pet as a member of their family[1] – which means we want to treat them well and keep them in good health for a long and happy life, but at what cost? In this article we take a look at the benefits of pets and the costs involved with keeping them – which should be considered in your household budget!

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